Buying at Auction

Live Auction Buying (if applicable)

In a Live Auction, bids are only accepted from the auction floor from bidders who are physically present at the auction.

On auction day, local bidders can register for a bid card, a refundable deposit  may be required to receive a bidder card, please note that when you sign your registration card you are accepting the terms of sale for that Auction.

When the auction is about to begin, the auctioneer announces the terms of the sale so all bidders are aware of their responsibilities in bidding.

When a bidder is ready to make a bid, they simply raise their hand or their bidder card and the auctioneer and acknowledges the bid.

Upon the successful winning of the bid, the auctioneer announces the winning bidder number and the final bid amount, This information is recorded and available to the cashiers in real-time, enabling live bidders to pay for purchases as soon as the auction lot is sold.

The bidder can pay by cash only, In most cases, the bidder must remove his/her property from the auction location immediately following the sale.


Live Auctions only

Visit the Auction venue, view the item you are interested in, satisfy yourself that the condition is to your satisfaction, All Lots marked T/W (tested and working)& GWO (Good working order) have a 24hr warranty from payment.

Ask for a Proxy bidding form at reception fill in your contact details and place  a bid (the highest amount you are willing to pay) for the Lot you would like to buy, please ensure you enter the correct Lot number as your bid is binding, Sign the form accepting the terms and conditions of sale, please note you may be asked for a refundable deposit.

You can leave a proxy bid at anytime during the Live Auction.

During the auction when the Lot comes up for auction there will be a staff member designated to bid for you. The bidding will never start with your bid, a live bidder will always start the bidding.
Your bid will be placed each time there is no live bidder bidding and the bidding has not exceeded your highest amount.

A Buyers premium of 10% + IVA will be added to any winning bid

What this means is:

  1. You may get the Lot for less than your high bid.
  2. You may get outbid and not win the Lot.
  3. You may win the Lot for your high bid if there is a live bidder that bids the Lot up and your high bid is the last bid.

If your Proxy bids are successful you will be informed by sms text or telephone message.

ALL winning proxy bids must be paid for within 48 hours of notification.


You need Register on our catalogue system, Name, Telephone Number & email address, you will then be sent a VALIDATION email (Please check Spam folder) if for any reason you do not receive the email you can click re-send activation email, once registration complete you can login and view the latest FULL catalogue with photos and description for every Lot from Thursday 15:00 FREE of Charge

Should you wish to bid on any item just press bid on the relevant lot photo BID button, this will take you into a more detailed secure encrypted registration screen to enter your *FULL details, also  we require a mobile telephone number, the mobile number will be sent a pin code which will be required at the registration page to complete registration, this will only be required once

We accept paper proxy bidding from Buyers prior to Auction close during Viewing days.

LIVE WEBCAST BIDDING (if applicable)

Live Online Webcast Bidding – Live online bidding allows buyers to participate in a live auction without actually traveling to the where the auction is held. While the auction is being conducted on site, it is simultaneously being broadcast over the internet. Bidders who have pre-registered compete directly with bidders onsite via online bids. They can follow the live auction via an audio feed & video feed,  The auctioneer accepts the pre-registered internet bidder’s just as though the bidder were actually present.


Once a live auction begins,  Bidders gain access to an exclusive online bidding console on the lumsden auctions  website, this simulates all of the aspects of being at the auction in person. If you have registered and been approved to bid by the auction house, you can place live bids by following the steps below:

Sign into your Lumsden Auction account using your email address and password
Click Upcoming Auctions
Locate the auction you would like to bid in, and click the Join Live Bidding  button to open the bidder console
When the Red Bid Now button displays the price you would like to bid, just click the button to place your bid

PLEASE NOTE ALL bids are final if you make an error you MUST call the auction House Immediatly you may be charged lost commission.


Registration is required please go to our registrations page 

Timed Online auctions take place without an auctioneer calling the sale. You can bid at any time during the defined time period by entering a ‘absolute bid’.  Lumsden will notify you if another bidder places a bid that is higher than yours.

Sign into your Lumsden Auction account using your email address and password
Click Upcoming Auctions
Locate the auction you would like to bid in, to open the bidder console
When the Red Bid Now button displays the price you would like to bid, just click the button to place your bid

Absolute Bid

An Absolute Bid (or traditional bid) is the “immediate” amount a bidder wishes to pay for an item. If an Absolute bid is successful, the high bid will increase directly to the full amount of the Absolute bid.

2 Minute Rule

This rule mirrors the principals of a live traditional auction whereby an auctioneer will still entertain bids from interested parties, enabling all bidders to lodge their interest. In the event of last minute bids a 2 minute rule will apply. This 2 minute rule stipulates any party who bids online within the last 1 minute of any Lot’s scheduled closing time will trigger an automatic extension of a further 2 minutes of online bidding. This 2 minute
trigger will continue until 2 minutes has elapsed without any further competing bids and a winning bid is achieved, this also stops bid sniping at auction close, which gives all buyers time to place their bids.

These Terms and Conditions must be strictly adhered to along with the Important Information which is displayed on all auction catalogues.  All buyers approved for auction shall be considered to have read, understood and accepted these conditions and will be bound by them

 "Lumsden Auctions" refers to MICHAL MACIAZEK T/A Lumsden Auctions the individual  that owns and operates the  website with its registered office at Calle Los nazarios 11B Formentera Del Segura, Alicante 03179 Spain, Lumsden Auctions is IVA (VAT) registered ( No: ESY6180200E). 


Please remember that by clicking to bid on the internet are a legal commitment to buy and when the hammer goes down or lot closes, you have purchased the goods at that price and in the condition they stand in. WARNING!! All lots are sold “as they lie” with all faults, typographical, photographical and quantity errors, visible damage or mechanical failings regardless if this deems the item beyond repair. The absence to any reference to the condition of a lot does not imply that the lot is free from faults, imperfections and restorations. Lumsden Auctions  will not be held responsible for any damage or defect that has not been notified to the buyer, NO warranty is given or implied.

Lumsden Auctions  will endeavour to test & write accurate descriptions on all lots and the following terms may be used when describing lots;

·         “T/W ” – We have tested the item and the basic functions are working as designed, i.e. a mixer will power on and will turn an accessory as designed, however this is not extensive to all the mixers functions and all accessories, This does not initiate any warranty on these lots

·          “GWO” – We the auctioneer, have not tested the item but have been advised by the vendor the item is working,This does not initiate any warranty on these lots

Electrical faults may not always be apparent at the time of testing, therefore no guarantee or warranty is given or implied with any lot. Any description written down in the catalogue or stated at the time of sale is not guaranteed as being correct; the information is ascertained from the goods as seen and is merely for information or identification purposes only. (The catalogue may contain photographical inaccuracies or typographical errors.) The buyer must have examined the goods prior to sale and by relying on their own judgment and assure themselves as to the condition of each item. The buyer must decide whether the description is correct and bid on what they have physically viewed in person and not on what has been described or photographed. Lots are not sold as sample, the buyer shall be deemed to have inspected the lots they buy.

We encourage all buyers to view Lots prior to bidding. Unless otherwise stated viewing is available .Timed Auctions Viewing

Goods can be viewed live  in our warehouse Thursdays and Fridays 08:30 till 15:00 same week as sale goes live.

Warehouse Address : Calle Los Alamo, Unit 24 , Poligono Los Barrios, Rojales.

Unless otherwise stated, all goods shall be deemed to be second hand, customer returns, failed delivery, overstocks or end of line, House / Business clearance items, In some instances library images are used, please note these are for illustrative purposes only and should not be used as an indication of the item condition., in any event All lots are sold as seen and carry NO warranty whatsoever, Purchasers should therefore satisfy themselves by physical inspection of lots, before bidding, as to the origin, authenticity, quality, age, weight, size and general description -as lots are sold in their actual state with all faults, imperfections or errors of description,Electrical/mechanical goods are sold on the strict understanding that these are untested, without warranties or any guarantees as to serviceability or working order NO lots are returnable in this Auction Type, you are deemed to accept these terms advertised prior to clicking the accept button . 

In addition to the Hammer price the following fees apply to this auction.

TAX: All Lots and fees are subject to IVA at 21% (unless otherwise stated in the catalogue with a V after the lot number)

We reserve the right to charge a deposit at registration.

Bid Increments

Current price                  Increment

€ 0.01 -    €5.00              € 2.00

€ 51.00 - € 100.00           € 5.00

€ 101.00 - € 200.00         € 10.00

€ 201.00 - € 1000.00       € 20.00

€ 1001.00 - € 10,000.00   € 100.00


The SELLER is solely responsible for the accuracy, veracity and detail of the information contained in the Registration Form, and LUMSDEN AUCTIONScannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible by the SELLER, by the buyers or by third parties for falsehood, inaccuracy or omission. of such information.

The purchase and sale of any vehicle through auction, carried out by LUMSDEN AUCTIONS , is considered a business exclusively concluded between a SELLER, represented by LUMSDEN AUCTIONS within the scope of a mandate to act on its own behalf and in the interests of the SELLER AND THE BUYER cannot under any circumstances hold LUMSDEN AUCTIONS responsible for any litigation that such business may give rise to.

In accordance with the provisions of the above, the parties to the purchase and sale contract will be the SELLER to whom the tendered lot belongs and the BUYER, LUMSDEN AUCTIONS intervening within the scope of the mandate referred to above as a simple agent of the SELLER to search for a buyer. vehicle and obtain the sales price desired by the SELLER.

Vehicles are sold in condition. The equipment of the vehicles is offered for information purposes and without verification of their operating status, as delivered by the selling company, including the documentation (technical sheet and registration certificate). The BUYER therefore acquires a vehicle in the state of conservation and cleanliness in which it is found and cannot hold LUMSDEN AUCTIONS responsible for its condition.

LUMSDEN AUCTIONS does not give any type of guarantee for the auctioned vehicles nor does it assume any type of responsibility for the information on the vehicles, which has been provided by the SELLER , who is the sole and final person responsible for the state of conservation and cleanliness of the vehicle. as well as all the information related to said vehicle

Successful bidders have 48 hours from receipt of invoice to make payment in full. If that payment is not received within 48 hours of the auction closing an administration fee MAY be added to the invoice and from then on for every further 24 hours that payment is not received. Any buyers who default on payment and collection of purchased items by the end of the payment period will be barred from all further Online and in house auctions. 

Payment Types: Cash ONLY at our offices, Cash on Delivery. Debit & Credit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer.
Online Payments: Paypal Address :
Bank Transfer: (Lumsdens, IBAN ES76 2100 7765 0102 0024 4934 Swift Code: CAIXESBBXXX)

Please REMEMBER to include your bidder number and date of auction as your payment reference when paying via Bank Transfer.
We accept cash payments at our Formentera Saleroom ONLY.

Buyers have 3 days from receipt of invoice to either have collected or arranged delivery of the lots. we contract out our transport to specialists, should you require a quotation for transport please contact us by email or telephone 966792839 during office hours, we will pass your details to the contractor and they will be intouch direct to book in your delivery or collection, you can pay them direct or we can deduct it from your sales and pay them on your behalf. Any lots left after this time may be subject to storage charges of €5.00 per lot per day / part day. We reserve the right to resell any goods that have been paid for but not collected within 10 working days and deduct reselling costs, storage fees, commissions etc. 

Weekly General  Auction Collection Details

03179 SPAIN




Online Auction Collection Warehouse




03170 SPAIN


Collection in person can be made by visiting our Auction Centre at Lumsden Auctions, Please visit the Cash Office before attempting to collect your items from our Online warehouse. 

ONLINE PAYMENTS COLLECTION TERMS: Online payments via Credit Card , Paypal or Bank transfer can be collected direct from the collections warehouse, however you must supply a PRINTED PAID receipt to collect your items, Mobile phone receipts are NOT ACCEPTED. 

Our team are happy to arrange for delivery of any items that you have purchased by one of our transport partners . To obtain a quote and arrange delivery please contact

Lumsden Auctions are traditional Auctioneers that hold traditional sales. We hold Preview days allowing bidders the opportunity to view and inspect the goods offered prior to bidding. We remind you that if you are a consumer you have no right of cancellation under the Distance Selling Directive (Directive 97/7/EC). The implied terms of The Sale of Goods Act do not apply to Auction Sales of Second hand goods (provided, opportunity to attend in person - see DTI Directive The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002).


Please note by clicking the Register to Bid Button you are accepting our Terms and conditions of Sale


What is the difference between a live auction and a timed auction?

There are two types of online auction available on Lumsden

  • Live Webcast auctions are traditional room-based auctions that are broadcast over You can bid at the auction over the internet in real-time while experiencing the atmosphere of the auction room with live audio  feeds.
  • Timed auctions take place without an auctioneer calling the sale. Each lot can be bid on for a defined time period. At the end of this period, the bidder who has submitted the highest bid wins the lot, provided the bid exceeds the reserve price.